Texting mistakes that guys make


Guys usually make some texting mistakes that stop them from getting the date. Usually guys are really excited to meet up with a girl and they commit a lot of mistakes when it comes to texting her. Here are some mistakes that men usually do which stop them getting the date.

The first mistake they usually do is that they give some unnecessary apologies. You shouldn`t apologize for taking time to text back. You need to know that you haven`t done anything wrong. You aren`t obligated to explain yourself. It will turn out to be pretty awkward for her if you do so. You shouldn`t artificially wait for a response. If you don`t respond for half a day because you will think that this will make you cool, is a disparate move. If you don`t want a girl to play games with you, than you shouldn`t play games with her either.

You also shouldn`t share too many details. She doesn`t care what you did during the day. You will always need to evoke positive emotions. Texting is a poor way to know someone. It should be fun and an easy way to flirt. You should avoid though purely factual exchanges. The tone should always be fun and flirtatious. It will also have to be silly. You will need to think how your text will make the girl feel.

If you talk about how bored you are you will be admitting that you have nothing better to do with your life. If you say that your day is not interesting, she won`t be really excited to hand out with you. It may be the time to pick up a new hobby. The best time to propose a date to a girl is exactly after you received a happy response. This will ensure the chance to get a yes. Meeting up with a guy can be stressful. If you make her laugh, she will probably think that you are the perfect guy for her.

You should also take into consideration to not waiting for too long until you invite her for the date. You should go for a date within the first or second day of texting. If you think that if you keep texting she will be more likely to agree you are wrong. The window of opportunity will be closing with each passing day. You will have to move quickly.